Lummi Island Watershed Enhancement Committee Purpose: Marine Watershed Enhancement and Community Education

Lummi Island Hales Passage Shoreline

Lummi Island Watershed Enhancement Committee
Purpose: Marine Watershed Enhancement and Community Education
Committee focus Outline (WORKING DRAFT)
Lummi Island Marine Watershed /Aquifer /sub-basin
• Water Quality
➢ water pollution output
➢ non-point source impact assessment and prevention options
➢ low impact development, residential development impacts
➢ wells: salt water intrusion, arsenic, water filtration systems (reverse osmosis)
• Water Quantity
➢ water input/output
➢ water uses: farming, irrigation and population issues
➢ aquifer research, information gathering and assessments
➢ recharge enhancement areas research and protection
• Marine Shoreline
➢ Baseline / Monitoring
➢ Water Pollution input control
➢ Ecosystem Processes / Biotic Information
➢ Public tidelands and beach access and recreational use assessment
• Education Programs
➢ monthly lecture series
➢ information programs
➢ public outreach
➢ volunteer restoration projects

Possible Shoreline Enhancement and recreation uses Objectives:
• Restore natural beach building processes
• Road Base Protection
• re establish natural vegetation
• Wildlife habitat and natural processes restoration and or enhancement
• Erosion Control along bluff
• Retrofit outfalls
• Baseline Data Collection and water quality monitoring volunteer training and protocol
• Safe pedestrian walkway
• underground utilities to improve appearances and safety
• safe bikeways
• Improve people friendly beach and water access
• Clarify and define public spaces
• public accommodations such as rest rooms, picnic benches
• public gathering space
• ground lever view shed for wildlife viewing
• Interpretive/educational opportunities
• Other ?

Lummi Island Ferry Landing Enhancement Project
Wish list for impact assessments

Recreation options and habitat impacts from different uses:
• Public access path for wildlife viewing along the landing between the parking and planting areas. Issues: Public safety fencing,, types, impacts, use
• Stairway to Beach from the ferry holding and old parking areas with overlook platform for high tide viewing and ADA Handicap use
• Signage for educational element, kiosk, possible bird deterrent options
• Benches off a path along the top of the landing,
• Water access: evaluation of seasonal dock and access ramp for water craft passenger pick up Delivery and temporary docking use (2 hr max docking), temporary kayak pullout area
• Public walkway (+/- 1000 feet, N-S) along eroding bluff top, on the East Side of Nugent Road. From the NW corner of the ferry landing, north, to the public stairs by the Beach Store Café.
• Community recreation value for pubblic access to natural resource harvesting and or public tideland access
• Increased public use impacts to marine ecosystem
• Day use park in new parking area
• Other?

Land use Impacts
• Impacts to area from future uses: larger dock and possible new ferry impacts, noise, speed, sediment transport and impacts to natural systems and processes
• past land-use impacts and historical changes
• future land use impacts
• Planting along fence line south from old parking lot and /or around ferry waiting building
• other ?

Drainage basin systems assessment
• Surface water quality and quantity assessment
• relationship of seasonal drainage creek and marine water quality impacts
• Watershed and aquifer recharge evaluation
• Water quality issues, impacts from landuse: land clearing, residential development, Agriculture. use etc
• Water quantity: evaluation of Kent Neilson’s report, documentation of historical changes, as is impacts to water recharge and aquifer protection
• Marine ecosystem responses to current surface water impute, options for minimizing impacts
• Evaluations of entire drainage system for identifying recharge opportunities and stormwater management.
• Identify key properties and options for recharge or stormwater enhancement practices
• Evaluation of current codes and Lummi Island Draft subarea plan to assess protection concurrency.
• Recommendations for code changes to enhance recharge enhancement.
• Build out assessment on drainage basin
• other ?


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