Here is what we did at the Ferry Landing to date.


Whatcom County Marine Resources Committee; Shellfish subcommittee members do final surveys for the 2010 Clam Tent Pilot Project on Lummi Island, Hales Passage, WA

For Results click here: 2010 Clam Tent Pre install Survey results

2010 Clam Tent Survey results

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Lummi Island Clam Tent Pilot Project

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Lummi Island Watershed Enhancement Committee/ LIHT Tomorrow at 7 am Lummi Island’s MRC’s clam tents will be removed and we will help the Marine Resources Committee’s Shellfish sub-committee members survey the tent area and control area to see if there are more babies within the clam tents. We’ll let you know what we find out!

2010 Lummi Island Clam Tent: