Clam Survey volunteers needed

Clam Survey volunteers needed – Wanda Cucinotta

The Marine Resources Committee (MRC) who coordinates shellfish surveys throughout Whatcom County including Lummi Island’s first clam survey in 2006. Their next Lummi Island Survey isn’t until 2010 and our project’s monitoring plan calls for baseline documentation.


So, the Marine Resources Committee graciously offered to support us in starting our own clam surveys on Lummi Island. We applied for a Scientific Collection permit and should receive it in early August ’08. Many thanks to Victoria Souze for volunteering to coordinate our surveys.


We have set up 4 days for Clam surveys here on Lummi Island. Tentatively: August 26 & 27 very early morning tides and Sept. 23 & 24 morning tides with a 3-4 hour commitment. We need volunteers to participate in this fun and exciting activity. To sign up contact the Lummi Island Community Land Trust 758-9925,  or visit their booth at the Lummi Island Saturday Market. We will contact all survey area property owners before any surveys begin. We plan to do more later.


If anyone would like to get some first hand experience before our surveys begin, Victoria and I are volunteering for the MRC’s Aug 2 Survey at Birch Bay from 11 AM to 4 PM.


To learn more about other scheduled Marine Resources Clam Surveys contact Atina at (360) 676-6876 or  Or visit their website at:



Fundraising Events


Let them eat cake – And fresh fish, and chicken, and bread and wine and… The LICLT will be holding Lummi Island’s first Bastille Day Celebration Gourmet Dinner. There will be a tasting menu featuring French food prepared by Island chefs and accompanied by a selection of wines from the Island’s own Artisan Wine Gallery. All are welcome. The Bastille Day Celebration will be Sunday July 13 from 4 – 7 PM at 2123 Granger Way(Anne Gibert’s home). Hurry! Places are limited. RSVP at the Community Land Trust’s booth at the Saturday Market or at the Trust’s office at 2129 Tuttle. The suggested donation is $30 per person. Questions (or if you would like to volunteer to help) please email  or telephone 758 9925.


Attention all gardeners:

All summer at the Saturday Market the Lummi Island Community Land Trust will be sponsoring a Bring and Buy produce stall. Whenever your garden produces more than you or your family can use, bring it down on Saturday morning and we’ll sell it for you. Please bring: flowers, vegetables, fruit, seedlings/plant starters – whatever your garden produces and someone else might want!


Here are the rules: The market runs 10 AM – 2 PM. Please bring your produce as early as possible (ideally between 9.30 and 10 AM when we will be setting up. We will provide stickers for you to price your own items. We will sell them for you and take 25% leaving you with 75% or you can choose to donate your produce.

Please collect your money and anything we haven’t sold between 1:30 and 2 PM. Produce not collected by 2 PM will be given away or composted. Any questions, phone 758-9925, email or see us at the Saturday Market.


The Bastille Day Dinner and the Saturday Market sales will be fundraising events, and the proceeds will go to our Watershed Enhancement Committee’s Nearshore project – working towards restoring and enhancing marine habitats around Lummi Island’s ferry landing and County beach while reducing water pollution and securing the shoreline bank.

May 31st Project Meeting Update

Community Presentation on Lummi Island Ferry Landing Nearshore Enhancement Project
May 31st Meeting update
Our meeting went totally awesome. We had 46+ diverse attendants (even though many neighbors and friends where at a Wedding or at other special events on the Island) Geological Engineer, Jim Johannessen and Biologist, Chris Fairbanks did an excellent job presenting their findings and recommendations. They are both such wonderful speakers.  People said they learned a lot and that it was a great meeting.  We didn’t have time to make any design plans so stay tuned. People even got excited.  What more can I ask for. And, we did take a video of the meeting if anyone is interested in seeing it.


The next step is seeing the final geological report and recommendations. We will schedule another meeting for community input in July after we discuss tentative plans with area landowners. Our Grant-funded Nearshore project intends to restore and enhance marine habitats around Lummi Island’s ferry landing and county beach while reducing water pollution and securing the shoreline bank from erosion.


Thank you to all who have helped. A special thanks to Land Surveyor Berry Herman for donating his time so we could have a professional survey for our project. Remember, all volunteered time, donated material and/or services count to satisfy the matching fund requirement of our grant.