A New Beach Bill in the Senate

Urge your Senators to show their support for healthy beaches and robust coastal economies by co-sponsoring the Clean Coastal Environment & Public Health Act of 2011. 

Don’t let them put this off for yet another year!

Click here: A New Beach Bill in the Senate | Surfrider Foundation.


Disposal of Toxics


The Whatcom County Hazardous Waste Program has scheduled a hazardous waste pickup on the Island on Saturday, August 20, from 11 AM to 4 PM. Please see this press release!

Forest Practices Board takes important steps to protect clean water and public safety

Board Also Gets Dnr Update On Timber Harvest Compliance Action Plan

OLYMPIA – The state’s Forest Practices Board approved a rule today aimed at improving protections for water quality and public safety in several watersheds where timber harvesting and other forest practices occur.

“Today the board took positive steps as a result of the lessons learned from the extraordinary rain event in the Chehalis River basin in 2007,” said Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark. “This gives more substance to DNR’s monitoring and enforcement of watershed protections and its recommendations for additional steps to protect public safety, property and clean water.”

RED MORE:  Forest Practices Board takes important steps to protect clean water and public safety.

Learn more http://1.usa.gov/l25HDD Watch video http://bit.ly/k2YLeT

Laird Hamilton Speaks Out for Ocean Preservation – Environment – GOOD

Laird Hamilton who works with the Surfrider Foundation  in an article from   on Good News says:

“A true understanding and compassion for the fragility of ocean life is the issue I feel is most crucial to any conversation about the ocean. On a micro level, individuals should feel a sense of both responsibility and empowerment to doing all the little things that matter to the coastline—pick up trash, stop littering, recycle—scores of small contributions can quickly lead to large scale change. On a macro level, it is important that we hold corporations and politicians accountable to understanding the needs of our ecosystem—they represent us, and we are all dependent on that ecosystem—we posses the power and capability to prevent its destruction”


For more visit: Laird Hamilton Speaks Out for Ocean Preservation – Environment – GOOD.