Work Begins

Girl Scouts helping! March 10, 2009.

Troop 1950 Girl Scouts helping put up our signs!      March 10, 2009.


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Update by Wanda Cucinotta, committee chair

Lummi Island Ferry Landing  Fish and Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Project:  To restore and enhance marine habitats, reduce water pollution and secure the eroding shoreline bank.

Yeah!!!! We finally have permission to start work on our project (with some final amendments)!  

Want to help do some fun work and protect our marine waters and public tidelands?  Come join our Saturday morning volunteer work parties this spring Starting March 28th, 10-12:00.   Our volunteer crews will: 

  • Remove noxious weeds, install approx. 2,000 native plants along the bluff areas around the ferry terminal and shoreline to the north.
  • Install 1 mutt mitt station with signage at a location approved by Whatcom County.  
  • Remove rough creosote logs from the northern shoreline.
  • Install pretreatment bays  and an oil/grease separator to the rain gardens in the new ferry terminal parking lot.
  • Install bioinfiltration measures  along the wetland path north of the new parking lot.
  • Install and maintain a Bioclean catch basin insert in the catch basin immediately north of the southern entrance to the new ferry terminal parking lot. 

We will also use our National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grant funds to cost-share with Whatcom County Public Works Dept. to replace the catch basin in the northeast corner of the ferry terminal with a new Contech filtration system.   Whatcom County has agreed to install the unit, and maintain it in perpetuity. Thank you Whatcom County Public Works Department.

We appreciate your cooperation during the installation phase of our project. We will need to reserve 1 or 2 parking areas at a time this spring. We may also need to divert traffic along Nugent Road for a few short periods. Call Wanda at 220-3077 if you would like to volunteer, or have any questions and/or concerns. 

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