Recent Slide On Lummi Island Shoreline Bluff

Lummi Island Watershed Enhancement Committee (WEC)
January 2010 UPDATE – – Wanda Cucinotta, Chair
Here’s our latest update:
  • Water Sample Volunteers Are Still Needed as we assist Whatcom County Marine Resources Committee (MRC) with monthly water quality sampling. The MRC/ Shellfish Subcommittee and WEC are also collaborating on a Little Neck Clam enhancement pilot project here on Lummi Island this spring.
  • Many thanks to all the community volunteers who helped us plant native vegetation and improve the quality of storm water runoff from the ferry landing area last year. All Lummi Islanders are welcome to join our Committee’s monthly meetings beginning in March. We have permits in hand for future restoration work and hope to start again this spring.
  • WEC has a different project sponsor organization! The Lummi Island Heritage Trust (a 501c3 nonprofit) has generously agreed to sponsor our Ferry Landing Enhancement Project.  This enables us to receive donations and to seek grant funds for additional restoration work around the Lummi Island Ferry Landing as well as monitoring and maintenance of our 2009 work.
  • For information or to volunteer contact:  Wanda @ 360-220 -3077
  • BEACHES ON LUMMI ISLAND REMAIN CLOSED FOR SHELLFISH HARVESTING DUE TO HIGH TOXIN LEVELS IN MOLLUSCAN SHELLFISH.  Before harvesting molluscan shellfish, contact the Biotoxin hotline for updates to biotoxin and pollution-related closures at 1-800-562-5632 or web site
  • DID YOU KNOW THAT: Contaminated runoff from our roads and urban areas is the number one water pollution problem in the state, and most pressing threat? – Between 6 and 8 million gallons of oil and grease are washed into the Puget Sound every year (equivalent to one Exxon Valdez spill in two years)? – 45-65% of stormwater pollution is due to petroleum products?