– – Wanda Cucinotta, Chair

*WEC Meeting: Please come join us in our work to enhance our Island’s watershed. May 5th at 3 pm, at the Heritage Trust Resource Center.   We will be planning for LI Ferry Landing Phase II /2011-2013 and organizing spring work parties to maintain our Ferry Landing Enhancement efforts.

*We are anxiously waiting for word from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation/ Community Salmon Fund on our $49,000 grant application.  We have permits in hand and hope to continue our restoration work around the Ferry Landing and Northern public shoreline.  Thank you to all of you that helped make Phase I happen. There is life in the plants along the ferry landing. This year we‘ll see growth.  We hope this and our other work will improve the quality of storm water runoff entering our clam beds.

*See our information table at the Civic Club Expo/ Plant Sale, April 30th, Lummi Island Grange Hall.  Haven’t signed up to be a shore Steward yet, here’s your chance.  Cheryl Lovato-Niles will have an official Shore Stewards Table there as well.

*We continue our volunteer water monitoring work.   We are coordinating with the Marine Resources Committee (MRC) to present an Island program about our clam surveys and water monitoring efforts. TBA

Thanks for using the Mitt Mutt Stations on the Island there to help you clean up after your pet!   For information or to volunteer contact:  Wanda email: forestflor@aol.com, Blog: https://liwec.wordpress.com and  FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/LIWEC. We all want healthy aquatic resources!


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