MRC 2010 Clam Surveys

Lummi Island Clam Survey: Help survey clams and protect a valuable natural resource!

Join us on Lummi Island, Tuesday, August 10th, 10:00 am – 2:30 pm
The Whatcom County Marine Resources Committee is organizing its sixth season of clam surveys along Whatcom County shorelines. Surveys are planned around low tides and include training and tools. We’ll be digging holes in the sand, identifying, measuring, and counting the different types of clams, and returning them to their holes!

This survey will provide:
• Baseline information about the types, numbers and sizes of clams found along Whatcom County shorelines.

The information will be used to:
• Describe Whatcom County’s clam populations to the community and local, state and tribal agencies.
• Help identify potential sites for enhancement or restoration of clam populations.
• Provide information to residents and visitors about how to protect this valuable resource.

Registration is required.
For more information contact:
Sylvia at (360) 676-6876


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