Volunteers Needed!


Lummi Island gets 2 years of water quality testing! Whatcom County Marine Resources Committee will coordinate pickup and pay for monthly lab fees from 5 sites (2 saltwater and 3 seasonal fresh water) on Lummi Island. Their focus is recreational shellfish beds. They’re also sampling Drayton Harbor, Birch Bay and Chuckanut Bay. Funding comes from a Whatcom Co. agreement with WA State Dept. of Ecology and NOAA. ONE CATCH: We have to provide the volunteers. So – we need at least 4 volunteers (2 trained crews) committed to 1 day a month to take water samples and get them across the ferry to AmeriCorps Crews (For 2 yrs). Sampling time varies but will be during the week. Training will be in November.

100_1615Ferry Landing Project: Thanks to all the community volunteers who helped, the quality of storm water runoff from the ferry landing area has improved, the shoreline buffer has been planted with native vegetation and, we have permits for future restoration work at the ferry landing site and the public shoreline to the North. We will be finishing up our plantings now that the rains have come. So if you didn’t get the opportunity to help, here’s your chance. We’re setting up volunteer work parties. Contact: Wanda @ 360-220-3077, forestflor@aol.com

See This Before Picture: Remember What the Ferry Landing Looked Like Before Our Work?

“Never does Nature say one thing and Wisdom another.” – Unknown Juvenal

Lummi Island Tome Article Oct 2009


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  1. Good job y’all! I got to get over the water to check it out! Glad you’re keeping busy doing real important work. keep it up!

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