June 2009 Update

Community Volunteers Needed!!!


Ferry Landing Fish and Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Project

To restore and enhance marine habitats, reduce water pollution,

prevent erosion and supply community education

through hands on shoreline stewardship.

><((((*>      ><((((*>    ><((((*>     ><((((*>     ><((((*>

Join our Volunteer work parties throughout June and July.

Saturday and Thursday mornings 10am to Noon

Meet at the Lummi Island Ferry Dock.

Volunteers will: Remove noxious weeds, plant native plants (water, weed & mulch them) as well as other various tasks to clean stormwater runoff along the ferry terminal and shoreline to the north.

Or Volunteer anytime that works for you.

You can call or email to signup to volunteer during the week and/or whenever you are available. We have lots of jobs to be done by our July 31st deadline. Jobs include manual labor as well as other easier tasks like measuring, irrigating, monitoring, documenting, office work, coordinating etc. you choose.

$$ Volunteer Hours count as a match for our grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation $$

Call Project Lead Wanda at 360-220-3077 or email forestflor@aol.com if you would like to volunteer, or have any questions and/or concerns.


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