May 31st Project Meeting Update

Community Presentation on Lummi Island Ferry Landing Nearshore Enhancement Project
May 31st Meeting update
Our meeting went totally awesome. We had 46+ diverse attendants (even though many neighbors and friends where at a Wedding or at other special events on the Island) Geological Engineer, Jim Johannessen and Biologist, Chris Fairbanks did an excellent job presenting their findings and recommendations. They are both such wonderful speakers.  People said they learned a lot and that it was a great meeting.  We didn’t have time to make any design plans so stay tuned. People even got excited.  What more can I ask for. And, we did take a video of the meeting if anyone is interested in seeing it.


The next step is seeing the final geological report and recommendations. We will schedule another meeting for community input in July after we discuss tentative plans with area landowners. Our Grant-funded Nearshore project intends to restore and enhance marine habitats around Lummi Island’s ferry landing and county beach while reducing water pollution and securing the shoreline bank from erosion.


Thank you to all who have helped. A special thanks to Land Surveyor Berry Herman for donating his time so we could have a professional survey for our project. Remember, all volunteered time, donated material and/or services count to satisfy the matching fund requirement of our grant.



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